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Impact Dojo - Schools

Our goal is to expose as many children to the benefits of the martial arts as possible. Instilling confidence, respect, good judgement, and overall building good character are the core principals of our program. Students will also learn the history and philosophy of Karate, therefore making our karate classes a mix of physical activity and education. With the help of our specifically tailored curriculum ranging from K-12 grade students have a guide which will help them achieve their full potential. For us it is important that all of our students understand the importance of healthy living and to be of sound mind and body. As an organization, we firmly believe that every child has the right to feel confident, secure, and empowered to feel safe.

Here are some of the things kids that participate in our program will learn:

  • Stranger danger
  • Bullying prevention
  • Principals of Karate (Respect, discipline, confidence, good character)
  • Understand physical and non-physical threats
  • Have an understanding on the importance of healthy living
  • Importance of goal setting and the pursuit of achieving those goals
  • Preventive thinking
  • Abduction prevention
  • Emergency situation response and action

Impact Dojo For Universities

Impact Dojo’s university martial arts classes are specifically designed for the college environment. We focus on self–defense, preventive strategies from potential threats, and overall good healthy habits. We want all of our participants to feel comfortable and confident that if a threat does arise how to properly defuse or address the situation.


Impact Dojo For Corporations

With corporate clients, Impact Dojo focuses on the well-being of the client’s employees. With days starting early and ending late, it can become difficult for the employee to find time to nurture themselves. So we figured instead of expecting business people to find time for a great workout or self–defense class, we should bring the workout and self–defense class to them! Each program is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. If it’s Cardio Kickboxing that you are looking for, we offer a heart pumping, calorie burning workout that will get you & your co-workers in good shape. If you’re looking for more than just a workout, we offer self–defense classes that will not only increase your physical fitness, but also help you & your employees feel confident that they can protect themselves and their loved ones.


Impact Dojo - Camps

Camps are a time for kids to come together, have fun, and get away from the long and grueling school year. Impact Dojo creates unique camp programs that emphasize having fun through games and exercises, allowing kids to learn martial arts while having a great time!

We also offer specialty camps that are a little more focused on the sport aspect of martial arts. In these programs, participants will experience a more focused approach to Karate, Kickboxing and Boxing. These classes will teach kids proper movement and techniques to be used in a ring environment for Kickboxing and Boxing or a floor setting in a Karate tournament.


Impact Dojo - hospitals

At Impact Dojo, we understand the sensitive environment we are working in when conducting martial arts programs within a hospital setting. Just like each patient is different, with us, each program is different. We go through a very extensive learning process to understand the specific needs of your hospital and patients to tailor each class accordingly.

Places of Worship

Impact Dojo For Places of Worship

Martial arts is an experience that transcends race, religion, and cultures. It’s an activity that the entire family can participate in. This is why we provide classes for kids that attend Sunday school or for families that go to their places of worship to be together. These classes are meant to be fun, exciting, and are built to not only bring families together but most importantly make you feel confident that you & your family can defend one another when necessary.

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