At Impact Dojo we specialize in bringing all the benefits of a standalone dojo directly to you.  All of our instructors are either certified black belts or have received specific certifications for their respected disciplines of Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Self – Defense.

Working directly with Chicagoland schools, our goal is to expose as many children to the benefits of Martial Arts as possible. As an organization, we believe that all people have the right to feel confident, secure, and empowered to feel safe!

Impact Dojo Areas of Expertise

Impact Dojo - Karate


Impact Dojo - Kickboxing


Impact Dojo - Self Defense

Self Defense

Why Choose Impact Dojo

What makes Impact Dojo unique is that we don’t take the traditional approach to the teaching of martial arts. Rather than operate a stand-alone dojo our focus is bringing the dojo to our clients. This gives our clients the ability to customize our programs to their needs. Our passion for the martial arts and our unique approach to how we serve our clients makes what we do every day a rewarding experience. We look forward to bringing the Impact Dojo experience to you!

Impact Dojo - Why Choose Impact Dojo
Impact Dojo - Why Choose Impact Dojo

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