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Our goal is to expose as many children to the benefits of the martial arts as possible. Instilling confidence, respect, good judgement, and overall building good character are the core principals of our program. Students will also learn the history and philosophy of Karate, therefore making our karate classes a mix of physical activity and education. With the help of our specifically tailored curriculum ranging from K-12 grade students have a guide which will help them achieve their full potential. For us it is important that all of our students understand the importance of healthy living and to be of sound mind and body. As an organization, we firmly believe that every child has the right to feel confident, secure, and empowered to feel safe.

Here are some of the things kids that participate in our program will learn:

Meet Our Founder

Vlad Gotkis has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Karate and is a certified Kickboxing, Boxing, and Self – Defense instructor for children and adults. After being an instructor at a standalone gym for fifteen years, Vlad recognized its limitations. He then sought a way to spread the benefits of the martial arts to a much greater populous. Following his passion he founded Impact Dojo so he can bring the dojo to you!

Why Choose Impact Dojo

What makes Impact Dojo unique is that we don’t take the traditional approach to the teaching of martial arts. Rather than operate a stand-alone dojo our focus is bringing the dojo to our clients. This gives our clients the ability to customize our programs to their needs. Our passion for the martial arts and our unique approach to how we serve our clients makes what we do every day a rewarding experience. We look forward to bringing the Impact Dojo experience to you!
Impact Dojo Areas of Expertise - Karate
Impact Dojo Areas of Expertise - Kickboxing

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my kid need to bring to class?
Your child doesn’t need anything for class. We do highly recommend that on the days of your child’s class they wear comfy clothes and gym shoes that they can do physical activity in.

Can I register online?
You can definitely register online. Just hover on the register tab and find the program that best fits your needs.

What is the duration of the programs?
The duration of our programs differ depending on the schools needs and wants. Our online classes run every week.

Can my child take the program multiple times?
Your child can absolutely take our program multiple times. Martial Arts is a craft that requires practice and repetition. We highly encourage for our students to take our programs for as long as they are available at the school. Our programs are designed in such a way that the students will not get bored and will learn something new each time.

Do you offer private instruction?
We do offer private instruction at the availability of the instructors. Please email or call us to get more information on how to set up a private session.

Do you offer programs in charter schools?
Yes. Impact Dojo partners with all school types – public, private, home-school collectives – as well as community centers and Martial Art Schools. We work with principals and coordinators to ensure our program accommodates your unique student population.

What does a typical class session look like?
A typical class will start out with thought and discussion of the week. This gives students the chance to reflect on the past week and discuss how certain situations they encountered would be handled by their peers. From there, students will warm up and stretch in preparation for class. This is followed by actual practice of the martial arts. The conclusion of the class includes cool down and discussion of what was learned during the class session.

Is the program for boys and girls?
Yes. The program is designed for girls and boys.

What is the pricing of your programs?
Pricing differs depending on the duration of our program, the school, or if Impact Dojo is affiliating or partnering itself with an outside organization. Please go to the registration page to find out pricing for your particular school and organization.

Is there any equipment that needs to be purchased for your program?
Initially there is no equipment that needs to be purchased for our program. Parents will be informed of any equipment or materials that need to be acquired as the need arises.

How can we contact you for any questions?
You can email us at info@impact-dojo.com or call us at (847)721-9151 at any time. If you don’t get a hold of us right away, you will hear back from us within 1 business day.

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